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Initial weeks as an expat living in Hong Kong

When I arrived I had all these images of what life as an expat in Hong Kong would be like. I would be living in a plush apartment atop Victoria Peak, with a nice Mercedes parked outside. Well it didn’t quite work out that way. We I arrived in Hong Kong I initially stayed with a friend. The agreement was for a week just to get myself sorted with a job and on my feet before going into the property rental market. I took me some time to adjust to the seven hour time zone difference so ...

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Arriving in HK – Expat living Hong Kong

I had written some 100 letters to companies for work. The construction industry in the United Kingdom during 1994 It took me 36 hours to get there as I went for the cheaper option, which was Air India. That meant a flight from Newcastle down to London, then London to Bombay, which included the 7-hour stopover that is mentioned in the book. As it was the night there was not point in venturing out so stayed in the airport terminal building. And yes the cockroach did fly out of the kitchen. The ...

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