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A naïve British expat? – BSN Books

During July of 1994, when I had I first arrived as an expat Hong Kong, I realised how naïve I actually was in terms of the World. This was highlighted in my first week as I was looking for work and failing miserably.   I was sitting down by the Central Star Ferry pier thinking through options such as leaving the Colony and continuing to Australia, heading back home to no job or staying. When I first arrived in Hong Kong I thought I was going to walk off the plane and into my first expat job ...

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What made me write this book?

This is a question that I am asked many times over. I have been an expat since 1994. As such I picked up many stories, whether they involved me or if it was through banter in a bar. And I have always been a fan of the mantra that everyone has a book in them. Fortunately for me I probably have about five books in me. However for my first book, Being Stripped Naked, I chose to focus on my life in Hong Kong and my travels around the Asian countries, whether it was for work or leisure. Being ...

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